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The SuperDown provides a lowered stance and improved handling to fulfill your needs to lower your car and improve its handling. Taking into consideration the factory suspension geometry, shock dampening, spring rate and ride height levels, RS-R ensures that the springs you are getting were made for your car both for performance and for comfort.


RS-R Super Down Springs - MKV Supra

SKU: rsrT215S
  • Compatibility: 2020+ Toyota Supra
    Chassis code:DB22/DB42


    Approximate Drop: (DB22) 
    Front -25mm to -30mm (-1.0in to -1.2in)
    Rear -35mm to -40mm (-1.4in to -1.6in)

    Approximate Drop: (DB42) 
    Front -30mm to -35mm (-1.2in to -1.4in)
    Rear -30mm to -35mm (-1.2in to -1.4in)

    Spring Rates:
    Front 3.83kg/mm
    Rear 12.2kg/mm

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