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A90 Shop provides shop services locally to Las Vegas, Nevada at the MADE Motorsports warehouse. These shop services include parts installation, modification, maintenance, full builds, powder coating, Cerakote thermal protective ceramic coatings, protective ceramic and graphene coatings, paint protective films, tint, caliper painting, wheels, carbon fiber, etc. Whatever you need for your vehicle, we've got you covered.


We offer local installation options on all of the parts we sell. If you're local or want to visit Las Vegas for for a couple of days you can drop the car off with us while you hit the strip. We can install anything you have in mind, whether it be for the A90 Toyota Supra or other platforms, we're available. Contact us for a custom quote.

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A90 Shop has experience and a huge passion for performing complete builds for customers. Whether is be performance, cosmetic, or both, we provide guidance and a concierge type of approach to building whatever you desire. Contact us today for more information on timeframes, availability, and quotes on large parts packages to complete your dream.


A90 Shop offers tuning services for a variety of platforms. While we prefer using the Pro Tuning Freaks Bootmod3 platform, otherwise known as BM3, we also provide services through Ecutek and MHD. We are able to flash, data log, bench unlock DME / ECU units with Autotuner software and equipment, unlock locked Bosch DME / ECU units with FEMTO, and real world street tune your A90 Supra and other BMW models, as well as other platforms as well. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll find a solution.

a90 shop b58 supra car tune tuning las vegas


Have a part in mind but not liking the color options? Looking for a custom look to fit a color theme? We've got you covered. We provide affordable powder coating services right here in Las Vegas in thousands of color options for new or current parts. Any metal part can be coated in about any color you can imagine. Contact us to before placing an order if you wish to add a custom color to your parts.


If you're wanting to protect your parts, especially carbon to ensure longevity, we have you covered. Our options range from ceramic coating, graphene coating, self-healing graphene coating, paint protection films, and or/tint film are available to keep your surfaces looking new.

We offer many other services to our clients here in Las Vegas and around the world including vinyl wrap, wheels and tires, window and lens tint options, as well as custom fabrication. Reach out for a custom quote.

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