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Frequency Intelligent Exhaust _ A90 Shop


FI Frequency Intelligent Exhaust | A90 Shop | MKV MK5 Toyota Supra GR A90

A90 Shop is the leading seller of FI exhaust products for the MKV /MK5 A90 Toyota Supra in the WORLD. We have the most knowledge, experience, and best prices available on these items. Frequency Intelligent Exhaust is an A90 Shop favorite. We are happy to guide you in the process of ordering these one of a kind, multi feature exhaust systems.

The best way to describe an FI Exhaust design would be to say it is THE gentlemen's exhaust. These valvetronic multi-flow designs have the best of both worlds in terms of quiet and loud, tame and aggressive. Based on valve settings and drive style, you can totally change and control the volume and aggressiveness of your exhaust based on how you drive. Each setting of the valve control and every difference in acceleration adjusts the flow rate and direction, resulting in volume adjustability for a more controlled driving experience.

Whether you're out on open roads in wide open throttle, on a track with decibel limits, or cruising out of the neighborhood, there is a setting or an intelligent design to make sure you get the sound and performance you need at that exact time. This exhaust doesn't hide the true characteristics of the engine, it unleashes it.

FI Exhaust MKV MK5 A90 Toyota Supra GR B58
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