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Fi Exhaust uses thicker, polished stainless steel for a more refined sound, eliminating drone, raspiness, and rattle leaving only a pure exhuast note.


The 2.0 downpipe with a 200 cell cat allows for ultimate high flow filtration for your 2.0 B48 /B46 system.


This is for TRACK USE ONLY. This is not EPA legal, SMOG certified, or CARB compliant. Only order this if you're aware of and abiding by local and state laws for use. If you choose to order this in an area where this is outlawed you agree to not install and only use as decoration.


By purchasing this item you agree to sign a vehicle compliance waiver to abide by the above laws.

FI Exhaust Supra 2.0 B48, Catted Downpipe

PriceFrom $1,200.00

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