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bootmod3 software license purchase by default includes 1 paid OTS map and you can choose the one most appropriate for your hardware modifications and octane upon license activation. It also includes any other FREE maps listed in the OTS Maps screen.In case your modifications or octane change or you'd like to try a different OTS map more suited to your needs we offer this OTS Maps Bundle which provides flash access to ALL of the OTS Maps available in the OTS Maps screen for your BMW B58 or BMW B48 powered MKV MK5 A90 Toyota Supra.

*** bootmod3 software license required prior to OTS Maps Bundle purchase ***

bootmod3 software and hardware Terms and Conditions

This item is not eligible for any type of discount / discount code.

BM3 / bootmod3 - OTS Tune Maps Bundle B58 / B48 A90 Toyota Supra

SKU: bm3-otsbundle

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