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PFS - B58 Port Injection Kit MKV Supra A90


Looking for some more fuel for your B58 powered BMW or Toyota? Not looking to break the bank on overpriced PI kits? PFS has you covered with its plug and play PI kit for the B58.


The kit includes all the parts needed for installation and has a choice of 550CC, or 900CC US-made DW injectors (larger available by request), and a Motiv ReFlex Controller (lite or regular).


NOTE:  An aftermarket Charge pipe such as VTT's 1″ Longer Silicone Charge pipe is REQUIRED.


ADDITIONAL NOTE:  This is a TIGHT fit for Gen 1 but can work with grinding on interferences.


Kit contents:

  • 1 PFS PI Plate
  • 1 PFS Fuel rail
  • 1 PFS Fuel fitting adapter with 1/8 NPT port for LPFP sensor
  • 1 Genuine Parker 801 Fuel line
  • 2 -6 ORB to -6 AN 90 adaptors
  • 6 OEM gaskets
  • 7 M6 bolts
  • 2 M6 Counter Sunk bolts
  • 6 injectors of choice (Optional)
  • 1 Motiv reflex controller (Optional)

PFS - B58 Port Injection Kit MKV Supra A90

PriceFrom $649.00
  • Most B58 models including Gen 1, and TU. This includes Toyota Supra, and F series, and BMW Z4. These DO NOT FIT 2021+ G series platform due to interference with the alternator.

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