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The NEW Pure Turbos Pure 900 for the B58 powered MKV MK5 A90 / A91 Toyota Supra is here. The 6 port option has already been released, while the 2 port design is pending. The Pure 900 turbo is engineered and proven to support 800+ HP.


Pure Turbos have been benefitting the A90 Supra community from the start. A90 Shop runs a Pure Turbo on its own shop Supra. A90 Shop is happy to support and sell products from Pure Turbos for the MKV MK5 A90 / A91 Toyota Supra community.


This product has FREE SHIPPING.

Pure Turbos - Pure 900 B58 A90 Toyota Supra

SKU: toyota-supra-a90-a91-new-pure900
    • Pure Turbos Billet Compressor Wheel
    • Larger and Stronger Turbine Wheel
    • Upgraded Bearing Housing
    • Hi-Flow Silicone Inlet Pipe Kit (Included)
    • VSR Balanced
    • NEW Aftermarket Housing
    • Engineered and proven to support 800whp+
    • T51R Mod is available!

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