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P3 Gauges - 0 - 150 PSI Pressure Sensor MKV Supra A90


Keep an eye on those pressures with our simple analog pressure sensor


5 volt sensor **DO NOT POWER WITH 12 VOLT SOURCE**


0-150 PSI pressure sensor

  • Adds pressure readout to P3 gauge using analog input
  • Can measure oil, water, or air pressure
  • 10" wiring harness
  • 1/8" NPT fitting
  • Can "T" into oil pressure galley along with factory oil pressure switch


Can be used to monitor

  • Engine oil pressure
  • Air ride pressure
  • Coolant system pressure


Simple 3 wire harness

  • Red - 5 volt power supply (can be sourced from purple wire on P3 harness)
  • Black - Chassis ground
  • Green - Signal output (routed to brown or blue wire on P3 harness)

P3 - PSI Pressure Sensor MKV Supra A90

$65.00 Regular Price
$58.50Sale Price

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