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R1 Concepts - GEO Carbon Drilled / Slotted Rotors w/ Performance Pads MKV Supra 2.0 A90


R1 Brake Kits take the guesswork out of piecing together components and help you choose what's suitable for your vehicle quickly and easily. This brake kit combines Geo-Carbon Series Drilled and Slotted Rotors and Performance Sport Brake Pads to increase braking system performance, reliability, and durability on spirited and track-oriented applications. Each kit is designed to meet or exceed OE specifications and ensure proper fit and function.

R1 - GEO Carbon Drilled / Slotted w/ Performance Pads MKV Supra 2.0 A90

SKU: WBSN1-31221
    • R1 GEO-Carbon Series Drilled & Slotted Brake Rotors: These rotors are designed for high-performance driving, and can withstand all kinds of use, whether it's everyday street driving or track racing. They're also perfect for off-roading and towing/hauling.
    • R1 PERFORMANCE Sport Series Brake Pads: Designed for performance street driving, light track/autocross use, and off-roading.
    • Cross-Drilled and Diamond Slotted Brake Rotors. It provides the maximum benefits in stopping power, durability, and performance.
    • Special Coating.Designed to protect from corrosion which leads to better appearance, longer life, and overall improved maintenance and replacement costs.
    • Performance Formulation Brake Pads.Perfect for street performance, light track/autocross use, and off-road.

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