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Performance Fueling Solutions - Drop in Brushless LPFP Upgrade MKV Supra A90


PFS is proud to offer a true drop-in 800-1000WHP+ capable LPFP for A90/91 Toyota Supras. This LPFP needs NO additional pumps, wiring harnesses, etc etc. It will support up to 800WHP on Ethanol percentages as high as E98 and will support much higher power levels with less E content as long as you have the octane to support it.


For the pump, we start with a factory bucket, we modify it extensively to accept our custom PFS Brushless fuel pump. We then re-terminate the factory wiring to accept the new pump. No wiring splices, done the same way the factory does -the right way.


Every single pump is then fully tested on our flow bench to ensure proper function before shipping -you're going to be installing a product that has already proven itself.


See the attached flow numbers, this pump at 15V 72PSI outflows the stock pump by 55%, at 80 psi it outflows the stock pump by 35%.


Stock A90/91 fuel pump

  • 72 psi / 12V = 240LPH
  • 72 psi / 15V = 360LPH
  • 80 psi / 12V = 240LPH
  • 80 psi / 15V = 360LPH


PFS A90/91 Brushless

  • 72 psi / 12V = 480LPH - 100% increase over stock
  • 72 psi / 15V = 555LPH - 55% increase over stock
  • 80 psi / 12V = 420LPH – 75% increase over stock
  • 80 psi / 15V = 480LPH – 35% increase over stock


This pump is a true drop-in meaning you pull the factory unit out, install this pump, plug the factory plug into the hat, and you are done. The stock ECU controls the pump fully, and NO tune changes are required to take advantage of it.


We offer the pump 3 different ways -


Brand new build:

You keep your old pump, we send you a brand new upgraded PFS pump.


Core Exchange after you receive the pump:

You pay a core charge up front, we send you an upgraded PFS pump using a used bucket (depending on availability).  You send your stock pump in for a core charge refund.  $100 difference between this and sending core first.  Core return criteria applies.  Core must be returned within 30 days of the PFS pump shipping for full core charge.  Between 30-60 days 50% will be refunded.  Core charge forfeit after 60 days.


Core Exchange before you receive the pump:

You send your stock pump in first, pay no core charge, and we send you a PFS bucket. No Extra Charge.

PFS - Drop in Brushless LPFP Upgrade MKV Supra A90

PriceFrom $1,049.00