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  • POWER: 800 - 1000hp | Very fast & Direct Spool | perfectly daily driveability
  • LM RACING Core, greater Shaft & stabilized Internals, premium Bearing
  • Greater SuperFlow Compressor Wheel for a very broad rpm power Band
  • Greater HighFlow Turbine: Rapid spool with less Engine heat & more power
  • Made in Germany | Certified 14001:2015 | DIN EN ISO 9001 TOP Standards
  • Guarantee: Here always the Gen.2 Version of the NEW 2023 LM Production Consult your Tuner first about the required Setup. In Stock & global Shipping




Lader Manufaktur - LM900+ A90 Supra BMW B58 Hybrid Turbo

SKU: lm900a90
PriceFrom $2,227.00
  • Consult your tuner about the soft-/hardware requirements first. This turbo is a motorsports quality product made in Germany. After tuning it is without any liability and warranty. Follow the traffic regulations of your country. For Germany: ‘Nach Einbau ohne Gewährleistung / Haftung & Im Bereich der StVZO ggfs nur nach TÜV Abnahme zugelassen’ | Stick to your own country’s laws and traffic regulations. lm900+ plus bm

  • Core Exchange Outline

    First, you get brand-new LM Upgrade Turbos and in the box there is a return Label (DHL) for sending old turbos to LM for chinspection. If your turbos are okay, you will get back the difference as refund. If they are already too broken, LM will send them back to you. Most the turbos are okay.


    A new LM440 costs $2500.00

    - $1000.00 refundable Difference = $1500.00 final price (total).

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