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The HKS Cold Air Intake is a high efficiency air system developed for high performance street and track vehicles. Air induction is drastically improved by HKS inner funnel design, smoothly guiding forced air flow resulting in increased horsepower, torque and engine response. HKS wet 2-layer air filter element is focused on maximizing air flow for performance, yet still keeping harmful particles from the engine. 100% genuine HKS product.


This intake, along with other intakes with a carbon fiber tube rather than aluminum, perform better by reducing heat soak and prevent higher intake air temperatures.

HKS - Cold Air Intake Full Kit B58 A90 Toyota Supra

SKU: hks70026-AT002
  • Product Details:

    • Employing the same carefully crafted carbon material with beautiful twill texture used at HKS Dry Carbon Racing Suction.
    • Adding an extra air intake duct from the stock air intake port secures the stable volume of the air even though the highly efficient mushroom filter was covered with the box.
    • Approx. 500g of weight reduction. (Stock: 3.1kg, HKS: 2.6kg)
    • The cold air intake box can be purchased separately for the customers who already have the HKS Dry Carbon Racing Suction
    • This kit includes 70028-AT001 Racing Suction Kit and 70026-AT003 Carbon Intake Box

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