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CSF - Gen 2 B58 Race X Billet Intake Manifold MKV Supra


The Race X Manifold is designed for high level motorsports competition and racing applications. The limits of the current Super Manifold are very high and more than enough for many enthusiasts, tuners, and racers. However, those looking to push their Gen 2 B58s to the maximum have been asking for more. Race X features a 25% larger core, additional parameter ports, and an optimized water flow system. The manifold can be used in either dual or single pass configurations and features a new front port that has been optimized for ice box setups. This is the most versatile and largest manifold available on the market and has been race tested on some of the fastest B58 powered drag cars in the world.

CSF - Gen 2 B58 Race X Billet Intake Manifold MKV Supra

SKU: csf8400
PriceFrom $5,599.00
  • Biggest/Best Core in the Industry

    Once you get into that 1000hp+ range on the B58, most aftermarket manifolds have reached their limits in terms of flow and cooling capacity. To resolve both limitations, CSF increased the size of the core by 25% over the #8200. The larger core has 15 cooling rows (vs 12 rows on the CSF #8200) and keeps up with the air flow demand while also increasing the cooling capacity.

    Dual or Single Pass

    CSF specifically designed the front water end plate of the manifold to allow for a single pass setup or ice box setup. This -16 ORB bung found on the front water plate is the largest available on any aftermarket B58 manifold (competitor’s unit uses a -12 fitting). CSF has teamed up with industry leading fitting and hose experts Brown and Miller (BRMS) to optimize the water flow out of the front plate. CSF recommends using the following BRMS fittings with a maximum fitting angle of 120 degrees.

    • BRMS: AC-16-M3-120 (Black)
    • BRMS: AC-16-M4-120 (Blue)

    BRMS is recommended by CSF because there are no flow restrictions on their fittings and are highly regarded as the best in the motorsport industry.

    Top Feed Port Injection with Included Fuel Rail

    The CSF Manifold includes an extruded fuel rail which attaches to the outlet side of the manifold. The AN-8 fuel rail comes with a -8 internal hex plug fitting. This allows you to run a returnless fuel system or a full loop setup.

    • Fuel rail aperture for each cylinder is an optimized 7mm opening for compatibility with most commonly used high performance injectors
    • CSF recommends using Injector Dynamics (ID) injectors for the best performance – the most commonly used injector for this engine has been ID model # 1050. (qty 6)
    • Anodized CNC machined injector hats (qty 6) are included in the supplied hardware kit to accommodate short height injectors aka “shorties”

    Individual Nitrous / Methanol Injector Ports

    A 1/8″ NPT port on each cylinder runner can be used for nitrous or methanol injection. The CSF manifold allows for maximum spray control and even spray distribution throughout the engine.

    Expanded Vacuum and Parameter Pad

    CSF has included a port pad into the machining of the tank on the manifold inlet side. The ports can be used to measure additional parameters or as an additional vacuum source. The Race X Manifold has two additional 1/4″ NPT ports to go along with the standard three 1/8″ NPT ports. Each port can be plugged with the included hardware kit if they are not used.

    Easy Access to Spin-Off Oil Filter

    CSF incorporated a recessed design towards the back of the manifold that allows easy access to the spin-off oil filter. This means you do not have to remove your manifold every time you want to change your oil.

    Air Inlet Divider

    The inclusion of an air divider welded into the inlet side tank of the manifold is another exclusive feature of the CSF manifold. With the length of the manifold, the engineers at VF Engineering wanted to make sure that the volume and velocity of air was consistent to all cylinders. The inlet has an air divider to ensure the best possible airflow and equal cooling performance to each cylinder. Airflow to the back of the manifold (cylinders four, five, and six) should be equal to the airflow to the front of the manifold (cylinders one, two, and three) for the best possible performance.

    Breather Ports for Inlet/Outlet of Water Tanks

    Two 1/8″ NPT ports are located on the top of the back water plate. These ports can be used to measure inlet/outlet water temps as well as used as breather ports to help in the bleeding procedure. 1/8th NPT plugs come included in the supplied hardware kit. Please follow OEM BMW or Toyota bleeding procedure which takes roughly 15 minutes to complete.

    Slotted Mounting Tabs

    Positioning the manifold in the engine bay is fairly straightforward. However, it can be a little frustrating to get the bolt holes on the intake side mounting tabs lined up perfectly. After doing a few test fittings CSF realized this could be resolved by slotting the mounting tabs. This allows the bolts to be installed before final positioning adjustments and makes installation a bit easier.

    Thermal Rejection Competition Spacer

    Made from KIYLEX®, a patented revolutionary high-performance final stage polymer. KIYLEX® is as strong as aluminum and can withstand temperatures up to 1100°F. This spacer is designed to insulate the intake manifold from conductive heat transfer from the cylinder head. This thermal barrier reduces manifold temperatures which helps lower Intake Air Temperatures (IATs), improve charge air cooler efficiency, and combats heat soak. CSF is the exclusive distributor for the KIYLEX® Intake Manifold Spacer for the B58 Motor.

    The addition of the Thermal Rejection Spacer is especially useful for Drag/Roll-Racing Events where vehicles typically sit in staging lanes in-between racing. This causes extreme heat soak to the liquid-to-air manifold as there is not sufficient airflow passing over the front mount heat exchanger when the car is idling (which is responsible for cooling the charge air fluid that runs through the manifold). This causes the starting IATs on subsequent runs to be higher than on the initial run.

    The CSF Manifold is made from Billet Aluminum and 100% TIG Welded for strength, which allows it to be able to withstand higher boost pressures compared to the OEM plastic manifold. Aluminum has higher thermal conductivity than plastic resulting in a higher rate of heat transfer between the cylinder head and manifold. Adding the Thermal Rejection Spacer reduces heat transfer between the two metal components (cylinder head & manifold). The spacer absorbs the heat from the cylinder head and dissipates it rather than transferring it to the manifold.