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Bosch - 1000cc (980cc-1150cc) Fuel Injectors


Bosch Motronic brought electronic fuel injection to Formula One in 1982 and the technology established itself quickly, powering the 1983 world champion to victory.


Today, Bosch fuel injection technology sets the standard in professional motorsport around the world. All Bosch Motorsport injectors are manufactured to the exacting standards of an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).


1 per order


 Volume 980cc/min = 670g/min = 89lb/hr @ 3bar
 Spray pattern Single Cone
 Body Length Compact
 Nozzle Extended Tip
 Resistance 12 ohm
 Connector Jetronic
 E85 Compatible Yes


EV 14 injection valves are the latest revision of the EV 6 injection valve technology.


Bosch EV14 high precision injector internals are validated for use with E85 fuel.


Bosch Motorsport has a comprehensive range of fuel injectors to suit almost any application. Size your injectors correctly for your goals to optimize drivability, efficiency and power.


1 Injector per order so be sure to add enough to your cart depending on engine size.

Bosch - 980cc (1000cc) Fuel Injectors

SKU: 280158040

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