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ARMASPEED MKV Supra GR Forged Carbon Paddle Shifters


  •  MKV Toyota Supra A90
  •  Model year of compatible cars : 2020+
  •  Edition:
    1. Forged carbon fiber – Standard
    2. Forged carbon fiber – Luminous Green
    3. Forged carbon fiber – Luminous Blue

- Luminous edition contains luminous powders, a kind of light energy storage powder, which can glow in the dark after absorbing different visible light under 450 nm and can be reused. It is non-radioactive and non-toxic.
- Please have paddle shifters absorb sunlight for 30 mins before installation. 


Shipping time takes approximately 2-3 weeks.  Armaspeed normally charges almost $100 additional for shipping and fees for this item.  Instead of passing that price off to the consumer we place an order every 2 weeks for a bulk shipment to help you get these pieces at an affordable rate. If you have any questions or need any clarification feel free to email, or reach out to us on our social media channels for further assistance.

Armaspeed- A90 Supra Carbon Composite Paddle Shifters


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