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A strut bar is designed to reduce this strut tower flex by tying the two strut towers together. This transmits the load off each strut tower during cornering which ties the two towers together and reduces chassis flex.

By reducing strut tower flex, your coilover is more effectively able to absorb bumps in the road. Suspension tuning also becomes much easier, since the chassis is no longer causing handling characteristics to change randomly. This is especially important if you install sticky tires and high spring rate coilovers.

Better cornering and less body flex are two additional benefits that have a positive effect on driver experience and will help you enjoy your car. Strut bars also create a more even distribution of the roll force, which helps to keep it upright if you enter turns with too much speed.

Even better, because strut bars are so easy to install, they’re equally easy to uninstall. If you don’t like the feel of the ride, it’s easy to remove your strut brace. It’s a pretty low commitment modification.

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