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Your MKV MK5 A90 Toyota Supra GR comes with an adaptive / adjustable suspension or damper system known as electronic dampening control. You'll most likely get a dash light (error) when you install any suspension component that replaces your factory shocks or struts. The TEIN Suspension Error Canceller Kit eliminates this error code so you can drive distraction free with your high performance aftermarket coilovers or shocks / struts.

TEIN - A90 Toyota Supra EDC Error Canceller

SKU: teinSPS12-R3550
    • Prevents your ECU from seeing the error code associated with not having your factory adaptive / adjustable shocks or struts in place.
    • No cutting or splicing of any wires. Each unit plugs right into each existing EDC harness on your A90 Supra.
    • Compatible with any brand coilovers or shocks / struts.
    • No need to uninstall your coilovers! The TEIN Suspension Error Canceller Kit can be installed simply by removing your wheels.

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