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EBC Brakes - MK5 MKV A90 Toyota Supra GR 3.0 AND 2.0 REAR RP 1 Track & Race Brake Pads


EBC Brakes Racing's dedicated motorsport pad RP-1™ pairs high-performance with unprecedented modulation and control, resulting in a track pad that feels uniquely different to the competition and allows drivers to extract every last tenth from each and every braking zone.

Designed for vehicles driven hard on track, RP-1™ possesses a moderately high friction level of 0.45 between 100 – 750°C (200 – 1400°F). The more progressive response characteristic of RP-1™ makes it well suited for inherently 'over-servoed' vehicles where a softer pad material is desirable to allow greater finesse when on the brakes.

RP-1™ also works superbly when used with many competitors (non-EBC) Big Brake Kits, where the more progressive pad response helps to negate the over-servoed sensation often experienced after fitment of larger diameter brake discs and calipers with large piston displacements.

EBC - MKV A90 Supra Rear RP 1 Track & Race Brake Pads

SKU: ebcDP82415RP1
    • Made 100% in EBC Brakes' Bristol, UK pad factory
    • Stainless steel backing plates (reduced heat conduction, no paint)
    • Backplates feature Nucap® NRS® hook pad retention system
    • Good pad life with excellent disc life
    • NOT R90 approved for road use in European markets
    • Made with Nucap NRS hooks on backplates to totally eliminate the chance of pad debond

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