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CSF is the world leader in DCT cooling technology. From its experience starting with BMW’s highly popular S55 engine (F8X M3/M4/M2 Comp.) and utilizing the knowledge gained from its BMW development (which the Toyota Supra utilizes in its shared partnership), CSF applied several different features exclusive to its manufacturing technologies. An innovative dual-core design allows for a 240% increase in core volume, resulting in maximum performance and maintaining optimal shifting during extreme racing conditions – from road racing to the drag strip. During R&D, CSF consulted with a network of partners, including leading time attack teams, tuners, and more. Often, the feedback was gearbox fatigue and sluggish shifting with DCT temperatures overheating under prolonged or hard use. CSF has the answer with our industry-leading DCT cooler for A90/91 Supra and BMW G-Series. Installed in the world’s fastest A90 Supra  – Titan Motorsports Drag Race Supra (first and only Supra to reach the 8s in the 1/4 mile).

CSF 2020+ MKV Supra High-Performance DCT Transmission Oil Cooler

SKU: CSF-8183
$599.00 Regular Price
$539.10Sale Price
    • Innovative Dual-Core Design (Industry Exclusive) vs. OEM Single Core5.4mm Tall Multi-Louvered Fin vs. OEM 7mm
      • 240% Increase in Core Volume
      • 130% Increase in Fluid Capacity Compared to OEM (CSF 550ml vs. OEM ~240ml)
      • Two 16mm Stacked Cores = 32mm Core Width (44mm Overall Width) vs. OEM 15mm Core Width
      • Rear Cooler: 15 Rows vs. OEM 12 Rows
      • Front Cooler: Additional 12 Rows 

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