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The iconic Supra is back! While the new Supra is an extremely capable car, like most vehicles made for the masses, it leaves a little on the table in the suspension department. Most notably the numbness in the steering response near the neutral position, where hesitation can be felt changing directions.

Once the car is set in the corner, the short wheelbase does make up for the slow ratio steering. But there is still a feeling of disconnect between the car and driver when initiating a turn. Also prominent is the noticeable amount of body roll, which only gets worse when upgrading to stickier tires.

With the aFe CONTROL Stage 1 Suspension Package, we allow the Supra to sharpen the steering response and improve the initial turn-in. Body roll will be dramatically reduced, the car will feel more agile and even feel lighter. The 3-way adjustment on both the front and rear sway bars will allow you to dial in the handling balance that suits your driving style, whether you prefer a bias to being tail-happy or prefer a more stable corner balance.

The Stage 1 Suspension Package is rounded out with higher rate lowering springs that not only improve the stance and look of the new Supra, but also lower the center of gravity, further aiding in less body roll during transitions. Whether its stability on the track, more rotation on the autocross skidpad, or just adding confidence during canyon carving, the aFe CONTROL Stage 1 Suspension Package will deliver.


CNC Bent Sway Bars:
Every aFe Control sway bar is CAD designed and CNC bent to strict tolerances. This insures precise fit and perfect operation.


Adjustable Rates:
Both front and rear aFe Control sway bars have 3-way adjustment. This allows the driver to dial in the front and rear roll resistance to achieve the desired handling bias.


Precision Sway Bar Ends:
The front sway bar utilizes CNC machined ends and the rear has CNC waterjet cut plate ends. These are TIG welded to the bar in a special fixture to insure accurate hole positioning and consistent manufacturing.


Polyurethane Bushings and Billet Brackets:
aFe Control includes low deflection polyurethane bushings and premium 6061-T6 aluminum black anodized billet brackets.


Precision Wound Lowering Springs:
To complete this Stage 1 kit, we are adding the Eibach PRO-KIT to complement our sway bars for the ultimate in handling and looks.

aFe Control Stage-1 Suspension Package 2020 Toyota Supra (A90) I6-3.0L (t)

SKU: 510-721001-L
$735.00 Regular Price
$655.99Sale Price
    • CNC Bent, Lightweight 1026 DOM Steel Tubular Sway Bars
    • Ø29mm (1.125”) Front Sway Bar, 3-Way Adjustment
    •     405 lbs/in (134% Stiffer than Stock)
          455 lbs/in (163% Stiffer than Stock)
          510 lbs/in (195% Stiffer than Stock)
    • Ø22mm (0.875”) Rear Sway Bar, 3-Way Adjustment
    •     130 lbs/in (155% Stiffer than Stock)
          145 lbs/in (184% Stiffer than Stock)
          160 lbs/in (214% Stiffer than Stock)
    • CNC Machined Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum Bushing Brackets with Grease Fittings mated to 90A Durometer Polyurethane Bushings
    • Eibach PRO-KIT Performance Springs
    •     Front: 170-205 lbs/in (Lowers -1.7")
          Rear: 705 lbs/in (Lowers -1.2")
    • Direct Fit Installation Requires No Modifications
    • Made in the USA

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