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AEM Induction Systems has released the Aluminum Charge Pipe Kit for the 2020+ Toyota Supra! The AEM Induction Aluminum Charge Pipe Kit is designed to replace the factory charge pipes of the B58 3.0L turbo 6 cylinder engines, reducing the restriction of airflow and decreasing turbulence, leading to an increase in horsepower and acceleration. The charge pipes are designed to fit with either the factory air box or the AEM Intake System and are easy to install using commonly available tools.

AEM - Intercooler Charge Pipe, MKV Toyota Supra GR A90 / A91 B58

SKU: aem26-3005C
  • - Increases horsepower and acceleration
    - Aluminum pipe replacement of factory plastic charge pipe
    - Allows for the use of aftermarket bypass or blow-off valves
    - Low restriction aluminum tubing
    - Quick, easy installation.
    - AEM Lifetime limited warranty

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