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Boom! We did it. Our first carbon B58 engine lid modification.

After popular demand we have decided to add this as an available service.


This modification provides you with a modified engine lid to fit with and show off your intake manifold/charge cooler upgrades.


We can perform this on all types of carbon engine lids. We do NOT modify plastic lids. We cut, sand, polish, to leave your cut looking like it came that was from the factory.


If you don't already have a carbon lid we have a few options. Reach out if you have any questions about the lids available on our website. You have the option to purchase your desired engine lid from the drop down menu. We provide the following brands for B58 A90 Toyota Supra engine lid / cover replacement: Eventuri, Dinan, Seibon, AMS, and Autotecknic



Engine lids do NOT look like the product photo in terms of the painted stripe and the weather strip. This was the first custom design we did. You can choose to add paint locally, but we do not provide that option.


The weather strip was also discontinued. We find the adhesives used with that aren't able to withstand engine bay temps. The cut/sand/polish process we use eliminates the need for weather strips some places use to cover up an imperfect cutting process.

A90 Shop - Engine Lid Customization Service

PriceFrom $349.99

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