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Sameh Yehia, or Sam, is a world renowned BMW tuner while using Bootmod3 / BM3 as his preferred tuning platform. Sam has multiple records in B58 and S58 categories and is the tuner we trust on both our personal cars, and on our customer's cars. Sam carefully adjusts power levels while catering to your specific needs and performance levels

Sam Tuned - B58 Bootmod3 BM3 CustomROM Tune

SKU: b582-samtuned
PriceFrom $700.00
  • Sam's custom tunes require the remote tuning platform Bootmod3 by Pro Tuning Freaks.   BM3 licenses can be purchased here: BM3 License

    Once you have purchased a custom tune from us and have activated your BM3 license you will need to request a custom tune within the BM3 app.  Here's how:

    Additional custom map variations for the same vehicle after initial tune (such as a matching pump gas map to accompany a race tune) can be purchased for as low at $200.

    Once our tuner receives your payment and your BM3 tune request, Sam will prepare the base map for you to flash. 

    Once the base map is flashed to the vehicle you will datalog the car. Sam will review the logs and make the necessary revisions to the tune based on the logs. 

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