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If you're interested in lowering your A90 Supra, or improving its handling, one of the best ways to do so is with aftermarket coilovers. In fact, coilovers are one of the most popular modifications on the market for virtually any vehicle. Of course, not all vehicles can accept aftermarket coilovers, however, the large majority of modern vehicles can or do utilize them. The word “coilover” is derived from the term “coil over spring”, and is a type of suspension that allows you to adjust different aspects of your car’s ride height, damping, and camber.

Aftermarket coilovers are generally used to lower your car’s center of gravity for reduced weight transfer when changing direction, braking, or accelerating. With reduced weight transfer comes a more balanced load on each tire and more predictable handling. Apart from the handling and performance benefits, lowering your car on a set of coilovers will also improve its appearance by getting rid of the massive gap between the tire and the fender.

Most aftermarket coilovers work in conjunction with your suspension, allowing you to change the ride height, spring stiffness, damping stiffness, and more. It should be noted that not all coilovers are created equal; some are very basic and do the bare minimum, while others have innovative features that can drastically improve the way your car handles, accelerates, and looks. Whether you are more geared toward performance or just to show off your new stance at your next car show, a coilover kit will enhance your overall driving experience. Check out our selection of high-quality coilovers below. We offer plenty of options to outfit your MK5 Toyota Supra GR.


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