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Our Boost Logic A90 Supra Sequential Port Injection Kit

- Fuel rail and mounting hardware -


Visconti Tuning is proud to announce several new advancements for the B58 Toyota Supra platform. The latest release is our Plug & Play Sequential port injection kit that is completely controlled over CANBUS. This kit also has the ability to drive more than one PWM output for a secondary fuel pump, externally gated boost control, methanol or nitrous.

This kit will enable the ECM to run true flex fuel even when port injection is added. Other popular systems don’t have the ability to adjust fuel volume proportional to the ethanol content. This eliminates the need to change the port injection tune when running different ethanol blends.

By driving the port injection through the factory ECM, the system has the ability to properly control fuel volume during decel to prevent over fueling.

With the fuel pressure monitoring the ECM will be able to compensate injector pulse width for when your low pressure fuel system starts to run out of pump. Your tuner can also setup fail safes with-in EcuTek RaceRom to limit power output when these fuel system limits appear.

We will provide an ‘EcuTek Diff File’ which will contain all the settings your tuner will need to get RaceRom configured for the controller. This can easily be done to existing tunes that already have RaceRom. This still requires custom tuning but will provide a great starting point for this advanced CANBUS integration.


Additional Information:

  • If you already have port injection this kit will replace all your existing wiring, including injector wiring. None of the wiring from you previous installation will be used.
  • This port injection wiring kit requires the Visconti Flex Fuel Kit harness, it will not work with other kits that are similar. If you do not have our flex fuel kit you will be provided with everything you need.
  • This is designed to replace the existing Zeitronix CANBUS controller found in the Visconti Flex Fuel Kit. If you have a ethanol display and would like to keep that please email and will make that happen.
  • If you already have a Flex Fuel enabled tune you will not be able to switch out the CANBUS hardware without getting a updated tune file from your tuner.

Boost Logic A90 Supra Sequential Port Injection Kit

SKU: BL 03031001
PriceFrom $895.00

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