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Introducing the Velossa Tech 2020-2021+ Toyota Supra MK5 BIG MOUTH Ram Air Intake Snorkel.


Looking to add a subtle yet an aggressive look to your 2020-2021+ Toyota Supra MK5? Would you also like a boost in performance to compliment this aggressive new appearance? You're in the right place. The Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH is the go-to mod for any induction setup (works with your stock or aftermarket cold air intake).


Our NEW Generation 4 BIG MOUTH ram air intake snorkels feature removable flare/inlets and allows you to truly customize your intake in ways never before seen!


If you'd like to really get wild, check out our Diode Dynamics integrated BIG MOUTH "LIT KIT", this is a world first!


 With ease of removing the flare by unscrewing 4 set screws, you can change the  color of your BIG MOUTH to get the look that fits your self-expression. Generation 4 is a patent-pending feature that will change the way we present our cars to the world, Velossa Tech is proud to be able to offer this new innovative feature. Being able to replace a flare with ease is now a reality. Replacing flares is not just easy, but affordable!

Extra flares can be found here if you'd like to have an assortment on hand. Customization has never been this easy!

The BIG MOUTH was developed for better overall mass air flow for stock, tuned cars or highly modified engines, you also have ability to customize the color of the inlet flare and body. This is truly a unique piece in that it allows you to get the performance benefits of a properly engineered ram duct and have the aesthetic appeal of your liking!!


It will bolt right directly on to the inlet cowl and feed your aftermarket or stock airbox on your 2020-2021+ Toyota Supra MK5, in fact it will greatly improve the performance of your stock or aftermarket intake setup.

Designed in-house right here in the USA with the latest aerospace flow path engineering and design techniques, and backed by hours and hours of R&D, fitment testing and real world driving, we are sure you will fall in love with American made quality and engineering.

Velossa Tech - MKV Supra Big Mouth Ram Air Intake Snorkel

SKU: VT-BM-0226
$259.00 Regular Price
$239.00Sale Price
Ram Air Body Color