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We offer in house bench unlock services for the for the BMW B58 DME in the MKV Toyota Supra as well as other vehicles.

BMW has come out with a reflash update for their newer cars that will prevent OBD programming. Toyota now has this same update for the A90 Supra.


This unlock allows you to tune with ANY tuning service provider and will nto have any type of lock on it that blocks tuning from another service. BEWARE some of the other guys offering this service are doing that.


This service will enable OBD programming.  

Shipping services includes Pre-Paid, INSURED, overnight labels both ways for less downtime. 


We currently offer this service with a 24-72 hour turn around time and also offer local same day unlock for those in Las Vegas.


DME units with a production date after June 2020 are not able to be unlocked. This includes any 2021 after 6/20-2023 model year. This requires an overseas unlock.

A90 Shop - DME / ECU Bench Unlock Service


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