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Dinan - Cat Back Exhaust Black Tips MKV Supra A90


Evoke passion and excitement with the Dinan Valved exhausts for the GR Supra! Conveying the sweet sounds of a deep, rich, euphonious note that are unmistakably Dinan in addition to retaining the flexibility of valves, Dinan exhausts are the epitome of sound without sacrifice.


Utilizing factory cut points and mounting mechanics, the Dinan exhaust system is a straightforward install with precision fitment just like you would expect straight from the manufacturer. Mounting and proper fitment is where the similarities to the factory exhaust end, however. Fabricated from brushed 100% T304 stainless steel, TIG welded and free of hydroformed pipe, the upgraded system is a marked improvement from its predecessor - both in terms of material/construction as well as in overall looks. For weight savings and simplicity, the stock single to dual pipe setup has been abandoned in favor of an enlarged, free flowing single pipe system. This pathway feeds into a muffler that limits frequencies associated with drone, as well as assists in altering the overall tone of the setup to deliver the signature low Dinan rumble. The no-nonsense design allows shocking versatility in sound levels when paired with features, like valves, often associated with more fanciful alternatives. The unabashedly spartan, yet effective, pipe layout forces gasses to escape from the rear out of massive dual, straight cut, 114.3 mm (4.5-inch) exhaust tips emblazoned with the laser engraved Dinan logo. The tip branding further cementing any lingering doubt that the system visible is something above and beyond stock-- if it was not already apparent by the blissful music permeating from them.


Unquestionable enhancements to the overall chorus emitted through the Dinan system transcend all modes making the vehicle a delight to drive and enjoy. However, for those that wish to have options to limit the extraordinary soundtrack for late night or early morning arrivals/departures (or any number of other reasons) factory valve control is retained. This effectively makes the system behave similarly to a straight-pipe system that promotes maximum flow and volume when the valve is open and emit more subdued resonant vocals when the valve is closed, and exhaust gases are wholly redirected through the muffler. It is the perfect blend of civility when not pushing the car or the full spectrum of auditory delight when in it. No matter the situation, the Dinan valved cat-back exhaust system is the answer for the discerning enthusiast looking for sound without sacrifice.

Dinan - Cat Back Exhaust Black Tips MKV Supra 3.0 A90

SKU: D660-0096-BLK
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$1,499.95Sale Price